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Refund Policy

Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Licenses 

Customers may request a refund within 30 days of installation if not satisfied with DirectAdmin Web Control Panel.  To prevent abuse of this offer, only one refund per customer will be permitted.  Licenses ordered after a refund are not covered by this refund policy, but licenses ordered before that time are covered if within the 30 day period.  For example:


Gary orders three DirectAdmin monthly licenses and finds that he likes his old control panel software better.  Fifteen days after the purchase he requests a refund on all three licenses.

Not Refundable:

A few days later Gary purchases one more DirectAdmin monthly license for a different server.  Once again he finds that DirectAdmin isn’t for him.  He cannot request a refund because he had a previous chance to try DirectAdmin.

Lifetime and Bulk Lifetime Licenses

Due to the permanent nature of lifetime licenses, refunds are not available when lifetime and/or bulk lifetime licenses are purchased.  Customers wanting protection of the refund policy should:

1. Buy a monthly license

2. If satisfied with DirectAdmin, request a refund within 30 days

3. Purchase a lifetime license