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官方建议如果是debian 8的话,建议安装customer 2.0选项。

Ubuntu is based on the Debian OS. For this reason, any questions regarding which version of Ubuntu to use would fall back onto which version of Debian it uses.

Currently, DirectAdmin supports up to Debian 8.x. We recommend using CustomBuild 2.0 with Debian 8.

Info on released versions of Debian: http://www.debian.org/releases/

You can see which version of Debian the OS is running by typing:

cat /etc/debian_version
uname -m

Ubuntu 14以后的新版本,可以和debian8对应。之前的老版本大家看英文说明。

Ubuntu 14 and up use Debian 8, which is currently in beta testing. If my memory is correct, any Ubuntu version up to (and including) 13.x uses Debian 7 Versions 11.04 and older use Debian 6. Check your /etc/debian_version prior to installing DA to ensure you have the correct OS selected for your license.